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We join Liamis Dive Centre for a unique opportunity to discover the underwater world of the Aegean Sea. Working as a dive school since 1970 they have gained valuable knowledge and experience which they'd like to share with you.

Operating from the main port in Kos from May until mid October. The superior equipment, highly experienced instructors and the specially designed American standards diving boat "The Apollon" will lead the way for you to fulfill your dream to dive.


The dive boat departs from the port of Kos on a daily basis and heads towards the sponge diving Island of Kalymnos to the small tranquil bay, Vlachadia or to the rugged southern region of Kos. All those diving will be requested to complete a medical questionaire prior to departure, which is then checked for your fitness to dive.

Once on your way the "Discover Scuba Divers" are given a lesson highlighting the safety procedures and the use of the equipment will be prepared for you. At the same time the qualified divers are given their briefing as well as their equipment that they'll need for their dive.

Once at our destination, boat secured, the qualified divers leave for their dive. At the same time the beginners get started in groups of four for approx. 20mins, where you have chance to have your photograph taken underwater too. After a break for lunch you will all be given the opportunity to go for a second dive or relax on the deck, to go swimming or snorkeling.


26.5m long and 6m wide.
Diving platform-allowing easy access into the water.
Separate Ladies/Gents toilets.
Large sundeck.
Bar serving snack & refreshments.
Fully equipped diving pharmacy.
2 air compressors used to fill all our tanks.
ECU approved equipment for 60+ divers.
Small inflatable with a capacity of 8 fully equipped divers.
A fresh-water shower.
Equipped with 4 life rafts - capacity of each.
150 life vests are stored on board.


Transfer to the port of Kos from Tingaki where we, Theokritos Travel are
based.  We can also include the transfer to the port for those staying in
Mamari and Kos Town areas.
Full instuction from international instructors.
One dive for the day.
All necessary diving equipment.
Use of snorkeling equipment.
Ultimate experience and fun too.
Drinks and snacks can be purchased on board.
Under water photographs taken can be purchased the next day.
The optional second dive can be paid for on board if you decide on the day.


Some of the medical conditions that may not allow you to dive include the following: Heart condition, regular blackouts,high-blood pressure, severe asthma, pneumothorax, epilepsy, pregnancy, perforated eardrum . We'll answer any questions you may have concerning whether you can dive or not prior to booking and prior to completing the medical quetionaire. We strongly advise that no alcohol is consumed the evening before.


1. Can non-divers join us on the trip? Yes, they are most welcome at a nominal charge.
2. Do children get a cheaper price? No, as the same equipment & resources are used.
3. Can a handicapped person dive? Yes, depending on the severity of handicap.
4. When can I fly after diving? Not less than 24 hrs after the dive.
5. Can my buudy and me dive on our own? No, all dives have to be led by of LDC staff.
6. How long is the trip to the dive site? I hour and 30 minutes.
7. Will my size stop me from diving? Due to the nature of this sport severe overweight can cause problems.
8. Can I start a course here and finish back home? Yes, we have referral courses available.
9. I am a certified diver but haven't dived for a long time; can I still dive with the certified divers? No, the first dive will be a scba tune-up and then you can go for a second dive with the certified divers.
10. Can I dive wearing contact lenses? Yes, just make sure your mask fits well.


There are 6 different dive sites one can visit; of these the most popular seems to be the cavern and the cave. There are also 2 wall dives, the blue hole and the island. Included in the day out is the use of all equipment, the one dive. Diver to instructor ratio is 6:1. The depth of the first dive is between 18m and 24m, dive time 40minutes and then the second dive in the day15m-18m, dive time 30 minutes.


LDC offer a wide range of courses, PADI & CMAS for all who want to become qualified divers or those with diving qualifications who wish to take the next step. A PADI scuba diving course takes 3 days. This is a very basic introduction course to diving. Once trained this certificate allows you to dive worldwide limited to 12 metres and always accompanied by the diving professional. Alternatively there is the PADI open water diver course; this takes 4 days and is the first real step in diving. Once trained this certificate allows you to dive worldwide to 18 metres and independently of a diving professional. For any information on other courses available please contact us and we'll be in touch.

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