Make the most of your holiday and discover some of the wonderful sights and delights we have here in Kos


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The island was originally colonised by the Carians. A contingent from Kos participated in the War of Troy The Dorians invaded it in the 11th century BC, establishing a Dorian colony with a large contingent of settlers from Epidaurus, whose Asclepius cult made their new home famous for its sanatoria. The other chief sources of the island's wealth lay in its wines and, in later days, in its silk manufacture. Its early history–as part of the religious-political amphictyony that included Lindos, Kamiros, Ialysos, Cnidus and Halicarnassus, the Dorian Hexapolis (Greek for six cities), is obscure. At the end of the 6th century, Kos fell under Achaemenid domination but rebelled after the Greek victory at Cape Mykale in 479. During the Greco-Persian Wars, when it twice expelled the Persians, it was ruled by tyrants, but as a rule it seems to have been under oligarchic government. In the 5th century, it joined the Delian League, and, after the revolt of Rhodes, it served as the chief Athenian station in the south-eastern Aegean (411–407). In 366 BC, a democracy was instituted.


Discover Kos villages. They are all presented with description, photos. For the most popular ones, we also provide information about sightseeing.


Make the most of your holiday and discover some of the wonderful sights and delights we have here in Kos

The Lazy Day Cruise
The Lazy Day Cruise
An Island Hopping adventure!
Kos Island Tour
Kos Island Tour
The delights of Kos in a day!
A volcanic experience!

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